Video of Gaylord Nelson

Earth Day 1990 interview (posted April 2011)

Several clips from an extensive 1990 Wisconsin Public Television interview by Dave Iverson with Gaylord Nelson. Also interviewed on camera include Walter Mondale, William Bechtel, George McGovern, and others.

Water Wake-up Call: America's Conservation Crisis (posted April 2011)

The short film, "Water Wake-up Call: America's Conservation Crisis," was commissioned by American Standard Brands to raise awareness of water supply issues, and to inspire viewers to take action on behalf of water conservation. The film features video clips and quotes from Gaylord Nelson on water, along with award-winning "Heart of Dryness" author James Workman, former U.S. Representative David Obey, and Tia Nelson, environmental expert and daughter of Sen. Gaylord Nelson.

Earth Day 1970 speech by Nelson

Gaylord Nelson: an Earth Day 1970 speech in Milwaukee including discussion with Indian tribes (3 parts).

Gaylord Nelson spoke on Earth Day eve - April 21, 1970 - at the Cooley Auditorium of Milwaukee Technical College. He was coming to the end of a two-week speaking tour and had spoken earlier that day at a United Auto Workers' convention in Atlantic City, the floor of the Massachusetts Legislature, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Earth Day 1973 interview

Gaylord Nelson: 1973 interview about what has changed in environmental politics since 1970.

This excerpt from an interview shows Nelson pushing the energy conservation agenda during the 1973 Earth Week. In addition, he speaks to the importance of an updated mass transit infrastructure and a national land-use ordinance.

Gaylord Nelson: campaign advertising

"He's an early warning system" (1974)

"Who helps Wisconsin? [map]" (1974)