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Arrival at the Apostle Islands during the 1963 national conservation tour

Gaylord Nelson with President Kennedy

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(At right) In this White House photo from September 1963 in the Nelson Collection, presidential aide Arthur Schlesinger (l), President John Kennedy, and Sen. Gaylord Nelson (r) walk from the Marine One presidential helicopter upon arrival in Superior, Wisconsin. The group toured the Apostle Islands lakeshore and Kennedy gave a speech that was televised nationally. This image was used widely by Nelson staff and regional news media.

In the papers of Nelson Collection, the original photographic print (enlarged below) shows several red ink editor's crop marks common to prepare the image for newsprint in the pre-digital photography era. Of more interest is the editing technique used to re-compose the photograph. Sen. Nelson, who was originally walking behind the President, was clipped out and recomposed closer to and shorter than the President. Nelson's approximate original position is recreated in this image (yellow box).

Not only was the composition improved, but the edited composition also reflects Nelson's desire while serving in Congress for a stronger connection between Washington power politics and a national environmental agenda.

Permission to use images from the Nelson Collection, Wisconsin Historical Society

larger version of Nelson with President Kennedy